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About Eric

About Eric Rorholm


My name is Eric Rorholm, and I'm a theatre artist and activist living on Milwaukee's beautiful East Side. I'm a proud graduate of Marquette University, where I majored in Theatre Arts & Political Science. I've served over a dozen progressive campaigns, offices, and organizations in and around Milwaukee - from school board to the U.S. Congress.

I found a passion for organizing my community, especially young people, for transformative change. I was elected Chair of the College Democrats at Marquette University and was soon elected to be SE Regional Director for the College Democrats of Wisconsin. For my successful work engaging and mobilizing young people, I was named Chapter Chair of the Year in 2020 & Executive Board Member of the Year in 2021. In November 2021, I was elected to leadership in the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.


But through my work, I've seen up close that the system doesn't serve us: it serves big money, well-connected politicians, and wealthy campaign donors - while working people get crumbs if we are lucky. The same issues haunt Milwaukee County again and again, and working people are always expected to shoulder the burden.

I'm running to bring a fresh, new perspective to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.


The status quo isn't working for working people, as cost of living soars and the pandemic continues to impact our most vulnerable. Now, as the climate crisis is starting to take its toll, it's clear that we can't afford more of the same. 


It's time for a new generation of real progressive leadership to give a voice to the working class.


Issue Priorities

Issue Priorities

Protecting our Parks & Environment

MYTH: Climate change has nothing to do with Milwaukee County. It's a state or federal issue.

FACT: Milwaukee County has the tools - and the responsibility - to act RIGHT NOW to fight the climate crisis.

Whether we like it or not, the climate crisis is here. The actions we take now will determine how much destruction and devastation we face.  We need to protect & expand our green spaces, starting with saving the Mitchell Park Domes. We need to reject attempts to privatize public parks, because green spaces should be for all of us - not those with the most disposable income. We need to transition the Milwaukee County Transit System to electric vehicles as soon as possible. And we need to tackle our air pollution crisis by re-energizing the movement to invest in renewable energy to break our toxic dependence on fossil fuel capitalism.


Public Safety & Racial Justice

MYTH: More money spent on law enforcement means less crime.

FACT: Only meaningful spending on human needs is proven to reduce crime.

The world watched in horror as Officer Chauvin murdered George Floyd on camera in May of 2020. Soon after, Americans stood in the largest ever mass uprising to demand justice for Black lives. But for defenders of Black lives in Milwaukee, images of Sheriff's deputies clad in riot gear, weapons in hand, ready for violence are all too familiar. Justifying it with their freeway patrol authority, Sheriff's deputies were consistently the most violent and aggressive towards unarmed, peaceful protesters standing strong for equal justice under the law. 

Law enforcement should not be waging war against its own citizens - period. The County Sheriff every year asks for more and more money to do less and less real work, and the result is a budget dominated by spending on surveillance and militarization while vital services are begging for scraps. Enough is enough. I'm prepared to hold law enforcement accountable on day one by pushing for budget transparency in their inflated budget and more humane conditions at the County Jail. We must also audit the Sheriff so we know where our money is going, and make targeted cuts to the Sheriff's budget to give resources to programs that actually keep people safe.

Fighting for Working People

MYTH: Our budget crisis is unsolvable. We must accept that programs and services are going to get worse or disappear.

FACT: A budget is a reflection of values. By investing in people, we will invest in our own future success.

Budget crises are nothing new for Milwaukee County. But after two years of pandemic chaos and an economic catastrophe, working people can't afford to be an afterthought anymore.

Protecting renters and preventing evictions is our best tool at keeping people safe, healthy, and economically sound. Milwaukee County's "Right to Counsel" is a crucial step in protecting renters, and I will fight tirelessly for affordable housing and making it possible for EVERY Milwaukee County resident to enjoy the legal and financial freedoms that come with home ownership.

I will fight for a budget for the people. I support the framework of the Fair Deal, and that includes reimagining our relationship with the state and getting creative about diversified revenue sources. But I will not support increased sales taxes, processing fees, and other "poor taxes" to make up for budget shortfalls, because working people cannot afford to carry the weight of another failure at the hands the establishment.



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Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America

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Wisconsin Working Families Party

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Our Wisconsin Revolution


County Supervisor Ryan Clancy

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District 3

The new District 3 is entirely within the City of Milwaukee. It includes the Upper East Side, UW-Milwaukee, the Lower East Side, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, much of Downtown, MIAD, & Walker's Point!

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